Mark My Words Trademark Services announces that certain trademark fees will increase on 1 November 2013. We are really pleased that we have not had to increase trademark fees since we started two years ago until now! And, the increase isn’t too much we promise. The two main stages of registration are set to increase […]

International Trademarks

Since our last update Mexico and India have joined the list of Madrid Protocol countries available. This means that both of these countries can be included when you file an international application, based on your national Australian trademark. This in turns means much lower costs for protection of your brand in either Mexico or India. […]

The Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Bill 2013 has been introduced to parliament today. This Bill follows the Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Act 2012 that commenced on 15 April 2013. Here are the legislative changes for trademarks that may affect you. There are a few elements to the Bill that has been introduced today: Crown use […]

A group of disoriented business people

Over the past 12 months Australia has undergone a huge over haul of its Intellectual Property system, which we’ve written about in thie changes to trademark law post. The changes came into effect on April 15, 2013. In my opinion – in so far as trademarks are related – one of the biggest changes is […]

Almost a year ago we wrote about the IP Law Reform to be introduced in Australia and discussed some of the key features of the reform. This is set to come into place from 15 April 2013 so it’s time to get ready and understand some key changes. There will be legislative changes across most […]

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