Prepare & File Trademark Application

After your trademark search is complete and you have the ‘green light’ to proceed, or if you choose not to have a search conducted we will need to prepare and file your trademark application with the Trademarks Office in Australia. At this time, we must nominate the classes of goods/services that your trademark will be used to identify (our searches will have recommended these to you). Click here to access the trademark application instruction form.

We can also assist in filing of international trademark applications if you have interest in exporting a product, or providing your services outside of Australia.

We will receive all correspondence on your behalf and report it to you accordingly. In the event an adverse report is issued we will report this to you and provide recommendations in addressing any issues at no additional cost to you.

Why should I use an agent to attend to my trademark registration instead of doing it myself?

There are a few key reasons to use a trademark agent, rather than filing your own trademark application, including:

  • To ensure the application is filed correctly! Incorrect filing could result in further applications and costs in the future.
  • To receive, review and advise on correspondence from the government office, which is often complicated.
  • Monitoring and acting on deadlines to ensure they are never missed and your trademark is never in jeopardy

Why Choose Us? Click here to see just some of the reasons we are a good choice to attend to your trademark application.

How much does it cost to file a trademark application?

The cost to register a trademark, including the filing of a trademark application can vary depending on the number of classes of goods/services required. Please review our trademark fees for further information.

Addressing Adverse Reports:

In the event a report is issued we can attend to this on your behalf. Some matters will be quite simple to overcome. In other situations you will be asked to provide ‘evidence’ of your use of your trademark to address the issues. We can prepare this for you, including statutory declarations to ensure the best chance of success for your trademark. Fees will apply in these situations, but will always be quoted to you and your instruction sought before they apply.

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