Mark My Words Trademark Services Pty Ltd was established by Jacqui Pryor who has more than 17 years of experience in the trademark industry.

Before establishing Mark My Words Trademark Services Pty Ltd Jacqui worked as a senior trademark consultant and business manager with other trademark companies for more than a decade. She is able to provide advice and assistance on trademark registration matters, infringement matters, opposition matters and can also assist with many other business enquiries. The company has expanded since 2011 to include further consulting and administrative staff. The team has a combined experience of more than 30 years working in the field of trademark registration and consultation!


  • Jacqui is a Registered Trade Marks Attorney;
  • She holds a graduate certificate in Trade Mark Law & Practices; and
  • A diploma in business management
Jacqui's expertise as a trade marks attorney is on display at Flying Solo, an online resource brimming with small business advice. Read Jacqui's articles

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Our Mission

We aim to provide services at competitive fees, without jeopardising the quality of service. We believe that the protection of Intellectual Property, including trademarks is a crucial part of every business.

Further, we believe that appropriate strategies should be in place to protect your intellectual property when you start your business. We understand that financial constraints can prevent this from occurring at times so ask us about our flexible payment plans and options.