Increase to trademark fees

Mark My Words Trademark Services announces that certain trademark fees will increase on 1 November 2013. We are really pleased that we have not had to increase trademark fees since we started two years ago until now! And, the increase isn’t too much we promise.

The two main stages of registration are set to increase

Trademark fees involved in the preparation and filing of trademark applications, and the finalising registration will increase. At this time, all other fees will remain the same. Please review our current fees at any time at our website.

New fees from 15 October 2013 are:

Preparation & Filing the Application
1st Class: $550.00
Each additional class: $440.00

Registration once approved
1st Class: $550.00
Each additional class:

How will this affect you?

If you have already started the trademark process this increase will not affect you.

If you wish to proceed under the current fees please ensure that your instruction is returned before midnight on 14 October 2013. Download a copy of our instruction form if needed.

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