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Many people mistakenly believe that the world of trade marks is only relevant to big business. The reality is that most businesses have at least one trade mark, and, anyone can register a trade mark.  In fact, small business owners are encouraged to do so because it gives the owner of that trade mark not […]

Many business owners assume that they have exclusive use of their business name simply because they’ve registered it with ASIC as a business name. It is a legal obligation in Australia to register a business name if you conduct business under a name other than the name of the legal entity that owns the business.  […]

There are many instances where consulting a trade marks attorney is not only helpful, but essential. From issues of copyright, trade mark searches and registration, protecting intellectual property to registering domain names, a trade marks attorney can advise clients on a wide range of matters relating to trade mark law. By way of background, it’s […]

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The subject of trade marks is much broader and more complex than many people realise. A trade mark is literally ‘a mark under which an organisation trades’ and is intended to be a unique way of identifying a specific product or services as originating from a particular trader.   The owner of a registered trade mark […]

A registered trade mark can be one of the most valuable assets a business can own. Registering a trade mark gives the business a legally enforceable right to use that trade mark and to take action against infringers. The business also has the right to sell that trade mark or licence others to use it. […]

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