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Have an Australian Trademark Search conducted before filing a trademark application

Our full availability and infringement Australian trademark search will identify any possible conflicting trademarks, ensure your chosen trademark meets the registration requirements and also consider whether other parties may have unregistered rights that could pose problems for your chosen trademark. A full report, inclusive of written opinions and recommendations will be sent to you within 2 working days. Click here to download the trademark search request form.

Alternatively, a good place to start is with our Free Trademark Search application, especially if you have not yet begun use of your trademark.

If you intend to promote your trademark outside of Australia we can also assist in trademark searches in other countries. Where available, we can conduct trademark searches in a similar manner to your Australian trademark search. In some cases we may not be able to access the databases of other countries, however in these cases we can engage the services of our
international associates to conduct your trademark search.

How much does a Trademark Search cost?

This will depend on the level of trademark search you choose. All fees can be found here.

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