Office Closures throughout June 2013 for Mark My Words Trademark Services

Mark My Words Trademark Services Pty Ltd will be closed (kind of) for the month of June….

We’re really excited to announce that director, Jacqui Pryor, is due to have her first baby in June 2013! This will mean a bit of ‘time off’ for Jacqui throughout the month. Please take note of the following dates and information, as this may affect you and your trademark work. We note that if you have any urgent enquiries or work throughout June 2013, please email us with URGENT in the subject line. Emails will be monitored over the month and urgent matters attended to.

New Work Cut Off Date

From May 31st 2013 Mark My Words Trademark Services will not be taking on any new work, unless it’s really urgent.
New work will commence, all going to plan, in July 2013.

Payments Due

As some of you will be aware, trademark registration fees are invoiced months before they’re actually due for payment. This has resulted in a few invoices becoming due in June 2013.
These payments should be made before May 31st 2013 to ensure there is no jeopardy to your trademark application. We will send a separate communication out to clients with registration fees due in June to ensure these are in hand.
If you make a payment in June, relating to registration fees due after June 2013, we assure you these will be attended to as soon as is possible and ask for your understanding and patience.

Deadlines Falling in June 2013

If you have been given a due date or deadline in relation to your trademark application that falls in June 2013, we encourage you to provide the relevant information/instruction early. We would ask that you do so by around 1st May 2013 to ensure ample time is available to you. Can’t meet an earlier deadline? That’s ok. Whilst we appreciate any earlier instructions we can receive, we understand this is simply not possible for everyone.

Questions, Comments or Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns as to whether the office closures will affect you, please contact us. We assure you that we are doing everything we can to minimise the affect on our clients.

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