Essentially, a trademark protects any sign that a trader uses – and a sign most commonly would be a name or a logo but can be a colour, shape, sound, smell, numbers or a combination of these things – to distinguish their goods or their services from the similar goods and services of other traders. […]

In some circumstances, you can have identical trademarks co-existing on the Australian trademarks database. For example, trademarks are registered in respect of particular goods and or services that fall into various classes. Due to this, it is possible for there to be two identical trademarks with the same name that are registered by different owners […]

Yes. Perhaps the shortest answer to a question we’ve ever written! To elaborate though. Any ‘person’ with legal personality can own a trademark, and by legal personality, we mean that could be an individual, it could be a group of individuals under partnership, it could be a company etc. A business name does not have […]

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