There are limited changes that you can make to a trade mark application after you’ve filed the application. Some examples of the kinds of changes you can make are: Changing the actual trade mark You may be able to change the representation of the trade mark only if  the change does not substantially affect the […]

When you file a new trade mark application with IP Australia, an examiner gets appointed to assess your trade mark against the criteria of registration that is set out in the Australian Trade Marks Act 1995, and these include a number of different requirements for registration. There are different reasons why your trade mark application […]

Certain fees, including the government fees to file a standard trade mark application, using a custom description of goods or services increased in October 2020. They have increased by $70 per class of goods or services. When you file a trade mark application, you have to specify the goods and/or services you’re filing a trade […]

In Australia, it’s possible to have rights in a trade mark that is unregistered simply by virtue of using that trade mark. That is what’s referred to as a common law trade mark. And whilst it’s possible to enforce rights, in other words, to protect a common law trade mark, the cost of doing so […]

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