So you’ve registered your trademark, but do you monitor to ensure there is no infringement occurring and to ensure others aren’t trying to register similar trademarks It is a trademark owners responsibility to monitor and enforce their rights, so it’s important that you monitor and watch for any activities that may be of concern, to […]

The International Bureau of Intellectual Property has devised a list of 45 classes which you will need to choose from when you file a trade mark application in Australia. Classes 1-34 are for goods and classes 35-45 are for services. The class system is known as the Nice classification and this system is used by […]

In an ideal world, it is preferable to register both your name and your logo as a trade mark.  It is important though, to understand that registering a name (in plain words) does not automatically give you protection for the logo that might include the name. At the same time, registering a logo does not […]

Before we start, let’s define what each of these are… Shape Trade Mark If you have a unique and distinctive shape that is synonymous (or is capable of becoming synonymous) with your product or service, then it is likely capable of functioning as a trade mark. An example is a Toblerone chocolate bar. The shape […]

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