A country which has a first-to-file trade mark system, basically grants rights to the first person who files a trade mark application. And that’s irrespective of whether somebody else can show that they use the trade mark before that. Think of it as first in, best dressed. There are some countries that don’t recognise any […]

The UK and the EU have now officially ratified a withdrawal agreement. We’re now in what’s called the transition period, and that will continue until the 31st of December 2020. During the transition period registered EU trademarks will continue to have force and be protected in the UK. That includes EU trademark applications, which matured […]

The first thing to do is don’t panic. It’s easy to feel shocked when you learn that someone has filed an objection to your trade mark being registered. The second thing to do is check all the dates on the correspondence you have if your trade mark is opposed in any jurisdiction. We’ll focus on […]

If you want to protect your trade mark in more than one jurisdiction, then you’ll need to file more than one application, is the short answer to the question. There’s no such thing as filing a single global application and getting protection for your trade mark all around the world. The particular filing methodology that […]

The first thing to be aware of if you want to oppose a trade mark is that there’s a very specific timeframe during which it’s possible to oppose a trade mark before it’s registered. Specifically that is within two months from the date on which the trade mark acceptance is advertised in Australia. And if […]

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