Many businesses have a logo that they use to promote their goods or services. Often this is in addition to their name, which might just be plain words. Ideally, if you have a logo, which is more than just a stylised version of your words, then it would be preferable to register both the plain […]

A trade mark attorney is a recognised professional registration in Australia.. It can only be attained by individuals who meet specific academic and knowledge requirements set out in the trade mark regulations. Trade Mark Attorneys are registered with the Trans-Tasman IP Attorneys Board. Trade mark attorneys have qualifications, knowledge and skills that are relevant to […]

It’s not uncommon for confusion to arise over who should own the trade mark – the person behind the business, or the company itself. It usually comes into question when a small to medium-sized business chooses to change their legal status from that of a sole trader to a company. When a business is first […]

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