The importance of professional advice cannot be understated when you are in business or looking at being in business. Here are the top 5 professionals for your business that My Sassy Business recommends you have on your side when you get started. Now I hear you saying which ones are the most important, how can […]

We’re super excited to (officially) announce that we are a part of the LegalVision network! We joined the network in September 2013 and after a couple of great months, and ironing out any teething issues we are ready to spread the word. Whether you want to buy or build a legal document, find a fixed-fee […]

Mark My Words Trademark Services announces that certain trademark fees will increase on 1 November 2013. We are really pleased that we have not had to increase trademark fees since we started two years ago until now! And, the increase isn’t too much we promise. The Two Main Stages of Registration Are Set to Increase […]

As some of you may recall, I’ve been having some time off across June and July whilst expecting my first child. Well, I am quite pleased to announce that she finally arrived on Wednesday 26 June 2013. Ruby came a little later than originally planned so it is expected that I will be back in […]

Trademark Forms & Publications

Did you know that we had a list of forms and publications available for download via our website? These are provided in an effort to make the often confusing area of intellectual property a little easier to understand. We need your feedback as to what forms or publications you’d like to see available for download […]

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