Did you know that there’s no such thing as ‘trademarking’?  That’s because a trade mark isn’t a verb.  Nor is it an adjective.  It’s a noun. Now this may just seem like semantics and there are plenty of people out there who say that correct grammar is pedantic and it doesn’t matter how we say […]

International Trademarks

Since our last update Mexico and India have joined the list of Madrid Protocol countries available. This means that both of these countries can be included when you file an international application, based on your national Australian trademark. This in turns means much lower costs for protection of your brand in either Mexico or India. […]

Happy New Year everyone! It seems that the holiday/festive season doesn’t stop or even slow down the number of trademark disputes going on around the globe. We thought we would start the blog for the year with a snap shot of a few cases that are in the media at the moment: Apple Inc, Nike […]

New Zealand has officially joined the list of countries available for designation in an international application filed through the Madrid Protocol! This means that if you are interested in protecting your trademark outside of Australia into multiple countries, you will now be able to include New Zealand in the single international application. Until the 10th […]

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