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Your trade mark is a valuable asset.  You don’t want to compromise it.  That’s why you can trust MMW Trademark Services to activate the highest level of protection for your trade mark.  Our affordable trade mark service means you get the best professional service from our experienced trade mark attorney, without any unnecessary costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

See our FAQ page for more commonly asked questions about trademark registration – including the rights you gain and financial benefits to you and your business.

You’ll find information on a range of topics like the cost of trade mark registration, your rights as a trade mark owner and how long the registration process takes.

At MMW Trademark Services, we pride ourselves on delivering a professional, reliable and affordable trade mark service to all clients, regardless of size and our trade mark attorney is always willing to answer any of your questions.

A trade mark is basically a ‘badge of origin’ or ‘brand name’. It’s the ‘sign’ that one trader uses to distinguish their goods and/or services from those of other traders.

Just about any sign can be registered as a trade mark.  It can be a word or words, a logo (made up of words and imagery or style), an image on its own, a colour, a shape or an aspect of packaging.  Even smells and sounds can be registered as trade marks.

The key is to ensure that your ‘sign’ is capable of distinguishing your goods/services. In other words, it has to act as a ‘badge of origin’ for those goods or services which lets consumers and others know that the product/service belongs to you.

It stands to reason that it is more difficult to register a trade mark if it is something that other traders would genuinely need to use to describe their goods/services which are of the same or similar nature to yours, or which have the same main element or elements as yours.

By way of example, the following trade marks would be difficult to register:

  • The Best Computer Shop (for retail services). Other computer shop operators are likely to need to use this phrase honestly for their own shop.
  • Melbourne Chinese Restaurant (for restaurant services). Other Chinese restaurant operators in Melbourne are likely to need to inform people of their location and therefore would need to use this phrase.
  • SnugFit (for clothing goods). Other clothing producers are likely to need to describe their clothes as ‘snug fitting’ and would therefore use this similar phrase.

They would be questioned on their ability to distinguish a particular trader’s goods or services from another’s.

Trade Marks may also be questioned on their capability to distinguish goods or services when they are common surnames or the names of places.   Other people with that same surname have a right to use it, as do people from a certain place have the right to use the name of that place.

In many instances, it is possible to avoid this issue by combining a ‘commonly used’ word or phrase with a not-so commonly used word or phrase (or an image/logo).  Generally, it’s unlikely that other traders would need to use that trade mark.

Simply put, registering your trade marks is the only way to be sure you have the right to use your names, logos and brands and is the only way to gain the right to license use of your names, logos and brands to other people. It can also be more difficult (and costly) to try and stop someone from using your names, logos and brands if you don’t have your trade marks registered.

The cost to register varies. The biggest factor in determining the cost is the type of products and/or services your trade mark is used to identify. All goods/service fall into ‘classes’ and fees apply per class you require. See our fees page for more information.

This is where we can help. Simply read over the Australian trade mark process and contact us when you are ready to proceed. We will take care of everything from ‘start to finish’ for you so that you don’t have to worry about it – you can spend your time focused on what you specialise in whilst we take care of what we specialise in!

Happy Clients

Here’s what a few of our clients have had to say about their experience with MMW Trademark Services:

Mark My Words Trademark Services Trade mark Registration & Services

Jacqui is an elite professional in her field. We have expanded with speed both domestically and globally and we have been carefully and watchfully guided on each occasion by Jacqui. Mark my words is a trusted partner and advisor to Funlab.

Chief Financial Officer, FUNLAB

We've been clients of Mark My Words for quite a few years now and not once have I ever doubted that my business is in the very best hands when it comes to helping me protect my IP with trade marks, both in Australia and internationally. As a small business we don't have unlimited funds, so it has been hugely helpful that Jacqui and the team works with us - rather than independently - allowing us to play an active role in managing our trade marks to save some costs. Jacqui's communication is wonderful and she always goes above and beyond to make sure we understand our options and possible costs, which has been very valuable, especially when it comes to the multiple complex trade mark objections we're currently involved in. I highly recommend Mark My Words to any small business needing help with trade marks

Happy Skincare

It was a pleasure to engage with Mark My Words Trade mark Services. We had a difficult trade mark to protect and the team at MMW made the process easy to understand, while they facilitated the registration in a timely and cost effective manner.

Director, HyperSal6

We have been working with Jacqui and the MMW team since 2016. MMW has handled Australian and international applications for our WEYO and FUN TIME WITH FACES trade marks in that time. They have helped overcome several hurdles to ensure these brands were in place at the time our app launched. This was particularly important as the initial launch is a collaboration with The Wiggles so we needed to ensure everything was in place. Frankly, we think Jacqui & her team are legends!

Founders, WEYO

Jacqui and her team have been assisting Tribe Skincare over the past 3 years with acquiring trade marks and advice regarding copyright infringements. Having them by my side in business has given me confidence, taking my brand to the next level of professionalism by protecting our IP. They always explain everything so well and are spot on with their recommendations and advice.

Tribe Skincare Pty Ltd

I really appreciated having all my questions answered proactively - before I'd even thought of them. When I did have questions, Jacqui was prompt and friendly. I had been mulling over the idea of trademarking my business name and blog name for a while but it seemed like a hassle to do. MMW made it so easy!

Owner, Copywrite Matters

Jacqui is highly professional, efficient and thorough. It takes the stress and anxiety out of trademarking, which can be a complicated process for the inexperienced. I would (and do) highly recommend.

CEO, Enlighten Education

Love your work! I am a very happy customer with an improved understanding of trade marks and IP issues and a registered trade mark! The best bit of your services was the excellent 'people skills', timeliness and comprehensiveness of responses; the willingness to provide time and information to educate your clients.

Director, Born Country Baby

I wanted to trade mark my logo and I thought my questions were stupid but you answered them without hesitation, and I received answers to my questions within 1/2 an hour!!! Awsome. I would recommend the company to anyone wanting this service.

Real Estate Agent & Auctioneer

The language you used in your explanation was clear to understand and I was offered several options, including some cheaper alternatives, and given all the information I needed to make a decision. I liked the fact that you didn't just tell me what I should do.

Director - Couple It

The service I have received thus far is exceptional. Although I wasn't very familiar with the trade mark process at the beginning, I now am a lot more confident about the steps involved. Jacqui has been absolutely fantastic. She has always been very prompt in answering e-mails and any questions I have are always answered in great detail. Keep up the great work!

Owner/Operator - Dimseo