When Oscar Wilde coined the phrase that ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’, he clearly wasn’t thinking about the highly competitive world of business! A strong brand identity is a powerful marketing and brand-building tool and registering it as a trade mark provides the business with exclusive rights and protects their valuable intellectual property.   […]

A huge thanks to Gosia Slotala from Shelcom Corporate Services for contributing to our blog and helping define the differences between a business name and a company! We often hear the two words: business and company used interchangeably. Anyone carrying on an activity that earns them a profit is doing business or running a business, […]

National Business Name Registration

Over the past couple of years the States, Territories and Australian Government have been working on a new national business name registration system. It is expected the new system will ‘launch’ in May 2012. Currently, a business name is registered in the state or territory in which the business operates. Under the new system, business […]

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