Business Name & Company Registration

As our company provides trademark services to protect names, we are often asked about registering those same names as business names or companies in Australia. We are pleased to have found the perfect corporate services company to do just this for our clients. They have been providing these services to Australians for about 25 years now and are one of Australia’s leading providers of corporate services and legal documents.

If you are just starting out in your business, you will need to consider an appropriate trading structure. Common structures include companies – such as Pty Ltd and Ltd companies, and also business names. A business name is basically an alias for whoever is carrying on the business and it’s not itself a legal entity. You could own a business name in your own name – making you a sole trader that trades as your business name but you could also have your company own a business name – making it a Pty Ltd trading as Business name for example.

Once you have determined the most appropriate structure for you, we can assist in the registration side through our professional partner at very competitive rates. (For example, a three year Australia wide business name registration will only cost $120.00 – including official fees, professional fees and GST! Company registration starts at around $715.00 (compared to an average cost of about $1200.00 through an accountant or solicitor).

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