Free Trademark Search for Shelcom

Free Trademark Search

Free Trademark Search

The Free Trademark Search is conducted in Australia – please complete the form below to claim yours. If your request is urgent please note this in the comments field.

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What do I get from this Free Trademark Search?

  • Prompt Written Results
  • Easy to Understand
  • Opinion on whether your mark will likely succeed
  • Clear guidance and advice on the best ‘next step’ for you to ensure your trademark protection

Within 2 business days, we will email you written results of the trademark search conducted for you. These results are written in plain English and will allow you to easily see what the chances are of successfully registering your trademark are and how to improve those chances if they are low. These results will explain whether there are any obviously conflicting trademarks in Australia and explain why they are conflicting. If we identify similar trademarks that are of concern we will also advise on the options available to avoid the problem, or, overcome the problem where possible. If there is no apparent prospect of addressing these issues, we will tell you honestly. The results will also outline the information needed to proceed to the next stage of filing your application – we will identify the classes that are required to ensure the best protection for your trademark, and will clearly outline the fees attached – no hidden surprises. We will include a full guide to registering your trademark in Australia, which details the process, time frames and includes information to be aware of.

Why is this free trademark search better than the one I can do myself?

  • Experience in conducting searches and understanding results
  • Easy to follow advice on avoiding or overcoming problems

Simply put – we know what to look for and how to understand the results. The trademarks office has a publicly available database so that you can conduct your own searches. However, without an understanding of trademark law in Australia it can be difficult to conduct searches accurately. This may result in you believing your trademark is available, filing an application and then receiving an adverse report from the government. As it takes around 4 months for the Trademarks Office to examine applications, having this Free Trademark Search conducted before filing an application may save months of time, and ultimately save money.

Why do I have to give you my email address?

  • To send you your written results and opinion
  • Will certainly not be sold off to other people to use for marketing!

As our free trademark search provides you with a written result and opinion, we need an email address in order to send the report to you! We would never provide your email address to anyone else so that they can market to you! If you have opted to receive special offers from us, we assure you they are only sent every now and then and we certainly won’t fill up your inbox on a daily basis! We will only email you offers our company is providing when we believe they are of true value to your business.

Free Trademark Search

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