The terms ‘brand name’ and ‘trade mark’ are often used interchangeably, but they’re actually two distinct entities.  And while there is uncertainty around how and why they are different, one thing is abundantly clear.  Trade marks play a crucial role in brand success and sustainability. This article looks at the differences between a brand and […]

From the outset, the boring disclaimer – note that trade mark infringement is a case by case matter and advice should always be sought if you believe you have a trade mark infringement situation on your hands. As such, the following is provided as general information only.   Ever wondered how discount grocery chain Aldi, […]

It is possible to DIY a trade mark application, but it is really important to understand what’s involved in the process.  Unless the application is accurate and thorough with all the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed, things can go awry.  Mistakes can be time-consuming, costly and difficult (sometimes even impossible) to rectify.  When a […]

Entrepreneurs and business owners often ignore one of their most important assets when they decide to restructure their business – their trade mark. A trade mark represents a substantial part of a business’s goodwill and reputation, yet it is often overlooked during a restructure.  This can have lasting – and sometimes very costly – implications.  […]

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